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All scheduled appointments come with a 24-business hour cancelation notice

with a $105.00 fee if we are unable to fill your scheduled time slot. This includes no adult home at the scheduled time.

​All billing is due upon completion of work. Additional fees may apply if not paid at time of service(s).

  Licensed, Bonded and Insured CCB #205428

No job too small. And yes we do the small stuff other companies may not!

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THP'S offers a wide range of solutions to the literally thousands of possible repairs and improvements in and around your home or business. Below is a list of common services generally available from your "local owned office". We are not a franchise service company. 

See the bottom of this page to see if we cover your area?

Our Handyman/Construction services are not charged by the hour, instead we offer project pricing that is given upfront before any work is started (in most cases if requested). This way, short of any unforeseen issues, you know what you’ll be paying at the end of the job verses anyone that gives you an hourly rate and takes waaaaaay to long to complete your request. Additional work may be billed at T&M.

Hot water heaters

Add or replace fixtures
Repair leaks
Repair/replace water supplies
Toilet installation and repair

and more
Hot tub GFCI's

Dimmer switches Install
Install/replace ceiling fans
Replace switch/outlet
Replace circuit breaker
Label electrical panels

Main panel change outs

and more
Wall tile repair/install
Floor tile repair/install
Shower doors installed
Toilet tuned
Fixtures installed/replaced
Towel racks hung
Bathroom remodeling
Drywall repair/texture
Doors hung/repaired
Trim carpentry
Shelving/storage built
Window repair
Fence, gate install/repair
Deck staining and minor repairs
Gutter replace/repair
Brick work
Stone/decorative walkways
Cement repair/replace 
Install smoke/noxious gas detectors
Electrical grounding
Electrical polarity
Earthquake proofing
Water heater strapping
Install fire extinguishers

Install grab bars/railings 
Install porch/landing ramps 
Widen doorways 
Retrofit faucets/other controls 
Install shower/tub seats 
New disposals installed 
Counter tops installed 
Ice/water to refrigerator 
Cabinet doors 
Cabinet upgrades 
Add breakfast nook 
New cabinet hardware 
New appliances installed 
Filter replacement 
Install hypo allergenic filters 
Vent direction adjustment 
Build dog houses 
Install Pet doors 
Dog runs 
Closet doors hung 
Closet track alignment 
Install Closet organizers 
Add shelving 
Add a closet 
Install Closet lining 
Hang pictures 
Inspect, repair and replace openers, springs and doors
Clean/organize garage
Install shelving/lighting
Paint floors
Finish drywall
Weather-strip doors/windows
Install energy-saving light bulbs
Install attic insulation
Install whole house fans


No job too small. And yes we do a lot of the small stuff other companies do not!  

We do have a minimum rate for all of our services!



General Construction Services also available.

Ask you services representative for more information.  

Don’t see something you need to have done? Call or email us today. THP'S offers a wide range of solutions to the literally thousands of possible repairs and improvements in and around your home or business and we can't list them all here.

What we don't do….  The list is short, but we don't directly provide roofing installation, HVAC, yard maintenance, siding, windows, carpet repairs/installation, chimney cleaning or inspection, concrete foundations or janitorial services. 

Our *free home owner estimates and work are covered by the following zip codes. We do services outside of the following zip codes, but at an additional trip charge fee may apply.

Our fees are based on a project rate, not an hourly rate, plus a trip charge based on you location.

We service the Portland **metro to included but not limited to zip codes: 97203, 97217, 97211, 97218, 97219, 97220, 97216, 97266, 97210, 97212, 97213, 97232, 97201, 97214, 97215, 97261, 97266, 97207, 97202, 97239, 97219, 97222, 97267, 97034, 97035, 97068, 97062, 97224, 97223, 97008, 97005, 97225, 97229. 
*Does not include estimates off an inspection report, for those we charge $175.00 payable at the sending of estimate. If we do the work, the fee is credited to the finial invoice.
​**Additional Fees will apply outside of our coverage area in the form of a trip charge, if we do offer services that may not be listed!!


All payments (unless with an approved open account) are due upon completion. If payment is not made, or a billing requested is made at completion (this means no payment was made at completion with a crew member(s) on site! with a fee of $100.00 for billing will added to your bill. A late fee of $50 will apply after the 5th day from completion date, and/or your check is non negotiable plus a returned check fee of $50.00 will be added! Delinquent accounts subject to billing fees of $50 per Invoice. A statement(s) fee will be added the first of every month and 1.5% interest on all open balances,  plus any and all collection and/or legal fees.  We do accept all major *credit cards. Cash discounts apply to cash only! Check, money order or *credit cards pay sub total pricing. If the payment for any reason is non negotiable, any and all payments after that MUST be made in "CASH ONLY"!. Certified Personal (electrical and plumbing) charges will include a truck fee, travel time plus any and all materials for your job. Travel time cannot be quoted due to traffic and/or other issues to your location, and are billed from the prior job/location to your home/office!

​*All scheduled appointments come with a 24-business hour cancelation notice with a $105.00 fee if we are unable to fill your scheduled time slot. You must confirm the text/email to lock in your timeframe as we send them out the day prior to your scheduled appointment!

​​All billing is due upon completion of work. Additional fees may apply if not paid at time of service(s).​